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Kiteboarding lessons Kitesurfing School

Your signature Real Deal Kiteboarding lessons are kiteboarding lessons for you about you.

The Signature Real Deal Kiteboarding Lessons difference;

  • carer kiteboarding instructors, adventure sport  (no student
    Instructor paying the school to learn how to teach kiteboarding
    with there student)
  • Jet boat to a great location with lots of space, very safe. We just focus on you. ( cramped beach where we Have endless conflicts using up our time is not good )
  • Full refund and reschedule when the wind and weather is not right
  • Top end gear that is great for lessons, (we are not focused on pushing you kites or kit on your lesson)

  Signature Real Deal kiteboarding lessons, kitesurfing school for you about you. Kitesurfing lessons the real deal school is all about you. Your kiteboarding, foil, kitesurfing lessons Real deal kiteboarding lessons are ready when you are. We make a custom kiteboarding adventure based around you the guest. We have grate locations, gear and carer kitesurfing instructors providing the signature service real deal kiteboarding lesson. Kitesurfing lessons are very different for all. For this reason we, focus on private and seamy private lessons.  We do as much as you like at your speed of learning. Level of accomplishment is based on the speed of your progression. A good idea of progression steps are outlined with the International kiteboarding Organisation ( IKO ). We have group lessons, in mind that it would not be as intense, or a group that there are people that to feel it out a bit.

The locations of Hatteras NC. and Miami Fl. are the best host for kiteboarding. Summer time in Hatteras is great, lots of space and great wind. Miami all winter, gets you the tropical breeze and warmth of the Caribbean. There is no wrong time to go kiteboarding.

The best Price, by far. We have private, group, beach or boat charter. Tell when, how many, And level of achievement looking for. If you are looking at a price point lesson we have a great range. If you don’t have much time or very few vacation days. Then we have the tools, instructor to get you going fast. The more about you, we know the better we can help to get you a price. There are a lot of factors that may not be concerns of yours and we can save a lot of $ for you by taking it out of your lesson

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