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Fun kiteboarding photos from lessons, in Hatteras Outer Banks and South Beach Miami Florida. We have a larger gallery on face book @
A boat full of kite surfing girl, Yes I know what you Miami peps are thinking " so " this is very rare in Hatteras and the further north you go the less there are.
Looks like yoga is great with light wind kiting in Miami. Looks a bit chilly?
Read is left and um, the other is right. It is e-z to get confused when you are out on the water. (New distractions)

Light wind in the winter on south beach miami in December is ok. Chilling on the beach is miami is not the worst place to be in the winter time. 12 kiteboarding is full year kitesurfing lessons on the east cost beaches.
Kitesurfing boat charter in the custom kite boat of 12 kiteboarding lessons is a great way to experience the waters of florida.

Kiteboarding photos and pictures of kiteboarding

Kiteboarding photos and pictures of kiteboarding

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