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19 Aug, 2015

Fall Kiteboarding Wind

late summer ( Fall Kiteboarding Wind )

late summer Or fall in miami is a great time. The wind is consistent. gear is on clear out. and the guest is in charge. At 12 kiteboarding miami this is always the case with Adventer kiteboarding charters waiting for you . the real deals in kiteboarding schools. If you did not get that foil all the way, we have a great spot ($ 50 ) ride along.

Fall Kiteboarding Wind

Is on in miami.

and still no need for heavy rubher

05 Jul, 2015

Crash foil boarding

There Are a bunch of us that are about to jump for Hydro foils riding. If not there should be. We all think how great it mus be to do the ride. We forgot that kiteboarding is all about having the all the wrong ways to do it. Than when you get so baud at doing it wrong you do that wrong. And there you go you are riding. Well the foil is not a different game. So to start we sould look at how to crash.


Miami kiteboarding lessons. #miamikiteboarding #foilboarding

11 Jun, 2015

Miami Summer winds

We are having such a good time in Miami with the sumer wind pater that is setting up.I don't know what the phonomanum is ???

El Niño has the following effects on Florida climate: above average rainfall in the spring.[21] This is followed by wildfire threat when rain dries up. Northern Florida is more susceptible to severe weather; below normal temperatures, increased number of low pressure systems in the Gulf of Mexico during the winter, and "almost always" reduces the frequency of storms and hurricanes.[38]

La Niña has the following effects: often dry conditions prevail in late fall, winter and early spring, increased risk of wildfires in spring and summer months, the temperatures average slightly above normal, and the chance of hurricane activity increases substantially.[38]

Long term forecasts are made based on these effects. However, they are easily overridden, in winter, by the Arctic oscillation and North Atlantic oscillations, which can only be predicted about two weeks in advance.[39] These can drop the temperature noticeably from seasonal norms.

#miami #kiteboarding

09 May, 2015

Florida summer Kiteboarding

Miami summer winds are great this year.

Non stop Kiteboarding in Miami:

We are just loving the winds this year. We had a much need day of last week, jut to get ready for the week to com.
In Miami beach we are finding a lot to do. Just a fun town

19 Jan, 2015

Hydro foil boarding #miamikiteboarding

Miami is the place to get your kiteboarding lessons for foil boarding. #miamikiteboarding

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